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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be defined as the use of marketing channels over the internet to promote the brand, product, and business instead of using traditional media such as TV, radio, and magazines. The individuals who are responsible for all the things that will increase the sales of products or services by using the new communication tools of the modern world are called digital marketing specialists.

Who has the title of Digital Marketing Specialist?

The aim of digital marketing specialists is to increase the sales of the products and services of the brand or companies they serve, by applying the most efficient advertising campaigns with the lowest budgets on internet marketing platforms. The people responsible for doing this work are called digital marketing specialists. In order to reach this title, it is sufficient to have experience in this sector and to know the innovations.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Specialist?

The primary task of the digital marketing specialist is to master and manage all of the internet marketing channels. They should not be lacking in using Google Ads, Social media ads, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, digital marketing, and measurement tools, which are common tools. Among the analysis tools that a good digital marketing specialist should use and know, the most common ones are Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, and Semrush. Moreover, they should be well-versed in creating reports using these elements. In addition to these, they should follow the innovations in this field day by day and be aware of them. On the other hand, they must adapt quickly to new applications.

What is the Training Process to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist?

I would argue that we don’t have to be college graduates to be digital marketing specialists. As an individual who has completed a university education in information technology, I argue with my personal experiences and thoughts that a university education is not compulsory to work in this field. There may be differences on this subject, except for software and similar sectors. In the modern world, all kinds of education can be accessed online. Of course, there are advantages to graduating from departments related to digital marketing. The digital marketing industry is still a very new industry. For this reason, many universities do not even have a department related to this work. It will be beneficial for you to receive training in areas similar to this field in terms of basic education. But you can improve yourself without going to university with the help of endless resources on the internet.

You can turn the gains of these online training into experiences. Digital marketing is a rapidly changing industry. TikTok, which was not on the market 3 years ago, but today is one of the most aggressive digital advertising areas in the market. Thus, even if you graduate from the digital marketing department, you are obliged not to miss the innovations. Since digital marketing is a new sector compared to other sectors, the number of platforms providing training officially in this field is not very high yet. Having graduated from similar departments such as advertising will be enough to introduce digital marketing, but it will not be enough for a professional career in this.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist?

Knowledge is the keyword to becoming a digital marketing specialist. You have to master the real details of the subject. You can be trained from traditional training processes or from online methods. It can be said that only education cannot be enough for this job. To become a qualified specialist, you must continue the training you have received with experience. These experiences can be experienced as an intern or as small-scale consulting services from the digital bargaining space. Then the experience and knowledge you accumulate will enable you to make bigger steps in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Specialist Earnings

Although it depends on the partners and collaborations you work with, digital marketing specialists start in the internship position as in every sector. A minimum wage can be earned during and after this process. If you are in the right sectors to expand your experience and information about e-commerce or health, high numbers in your income may be possible in the long term.

What Makes a Good Digital Marketing Specialist Different From Others?

The number of trainees, trainers, and videographers in the digital market is quite high. That’s why we can see countless digital marketing specialists. For me, the most critical feature is the quality of past work and experiences, rather than the educational process. A person who has accumulated a significant amount of experience can be considered a good digital marketing specialist. The education you receive on this subject will soon become insufficient due to new updates and innovations. The important task is to follow these innovations, be informed, and quickly adapt to new ways.

Who is Digital Marketing Specialist Ümit Yılmaz?

I was born in Zonguldak city. I spent my university life in Samsun and graduated from Ondokuz Mayıs University in the field of information technology. After graduation, I had to move to one of the big cities to increase my power in the sector. That’s why I went to Izmir. I first started in the industry as an SEO specialist. My freelance experiences and my university education contributed to the SEO specialist position I hold. Afterward, I continued to improve myself on WordPress, Google SEO, Google ads, and Social media ads and reached the title of digital marketing specialist. We established our digital advertising agency by evaluating our network in the agencies we worked with in Izmir in the past. In this agency, we provide digital marketing services to corporate brands with our crowded team. These services include website creation tips for Digital marketing, Google SEO, Google ads, Social media management and advertisements, Production photography, and video shoots for social media. I continue to convey the knowledge and experience we have gained in this sector, where we have been working for years, to young people and companies that want to increase profits, in the form of consultancy and lessons.